What’s it like working with Richard?  Here are some words from past partners.

Dom Potter, CEO, Hub Launchpad

“Unflappable, proactive and creative in his approach, Richard really knows his stuff when it comes to supporting social start-ups. We’re lucky to have had him for the past few months..I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.”

Sven Mauleon, Co-Founder, Openmind Projects

“Richard produced a worldwide competition winning blog for us – we were very happy to have selected Richard to join us! We hope to work again with him in the future!”

Mike Geddes, Managing Director, Street Football World

“Richard’s talk was informative and participative.  He involved the audience from the beginning, and shared relevant examples of social enterprise from the UK and around the world. It was a pleasure to work with Richard.”

Felicity McClean, Communications Manager, Ashoka

“Richard and the team produced content for the Guardian, Virgin, Forbes and the wider Ashoka network on a very tight deadline. Richard’s content was of an excellent quality, and we were happy with the results that he and the team were able to produce. Hands-on and a pleasure to work with!”

Alice Fung, Co-Founder, Impact Hub Westminster

“It’s been great to work with Richard in Hub Westminster. He’s a star! He’s top of my list of lovely people to work with.”

Rob Symington, Co-Founder, Escape the City

“Richard is a great friend and supporter of the Escape the City Team. He put in lots of time to get things right, and it paid off.”

Adele Barlow, Education Producer, Escape the City

“Richard was on top of all the details and communications – he is professional, down-to-earth and very helpful.”

Flavio Hauser, Co-Founder, Lagoa Do Cassange

“We were impressed by the huge amount of wonderful work you produced. The way you describe everything, we see that you have really captured the essence of it.”

Jonathan Yamauchi, 74th Voyage Coordinator, Peace Boat

“Richard’s engaging series of lectures and workshops on the topic of social businesses and social entrepreneurship brought to the forefront his abilities to work together with anyone from a high-profile guest lecturer to a participant who had just heard of the topic.

Steven Arnold, MEd, BSc, BA, Dip Tchng, LTCL, LSB. Mentor and Colleague, Peace Boat 

“Enormous optimism, professionalism, joie de vivre and visionary outlook.”

Rodney Schwartz, CEO, ClearlySo

“Richard possesses tons of enthusiasm and positive energy. He is a personable and amiable individual with a keen eye to what matters most and a very good team player.”

Jesús Miguel Gutiérrez-Barquín, CEO, SigoJoven

“Richard’s attitude is engaged, enthusiastic and pro-active. Richard is very good at networking in social situations and marketing.”


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