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Hi, I’m Richard Brownsdon.Richard Brownsdon

Not Richard Branson. Although we both have beards and love entrepreneurship.

This website is a blog and record of my own entrepreneurial journey.

It shares the stories of my travels, and adventures in starting my own company, and in supporting others to do the same.

It shows how I have explored the world, connected with people, and created value since 2012.

I currently run my own company called Inspiring Adventures, where I provide travel products to help keep you and your valuables safe and happy on your adventures.

Check out our products, and let me know what you think.  We’ve had hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers all around the world.


More about Richard

I started my first company at school when I was 17, and I’ve been involved with entrepreneurship ever since.

I’ve been working in (social) entrepreneurship support for more than half a decade, and working for myself since 2012.

I’ve worked directly with more than 250 entrepreneurs, and my clients have included the UK Government, national and international universities, coworking spaces and communities, professional services firms and not-for-profit organisations.

I love supporting other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. I mentor and coach a small number of individual entrepreneurs. I design, facilitate, host and run business support workshops and educational programmes.

Connect if you want help designing and running business support programmes, or if I can help your entrepreneurial journey.


I started this website in 2012 with a mission to inspire and enable more people to start, join and support (social) entrepreneurship. It used to be called Inspiring Adventures, but my company now has it’s own identity. Although my methods have changed through the years, my mission has stayed the same.

Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest information. I’m looking forward to finding out about your own Inspiring Adventures!