How to Live and Work in Bali

3°C and snow.


London Snow

That’s what I woke up to on 3rd February 2015 in London. Not that unusual I suppose, it is winter after all. Winter in London. Then I smile. I know that from today, I’m going to Bali for 6 weeks.

I’m going for a number of reasons. Because I want to. Because I can. Because I’ve just finished a big project helping social entrepreneurs become investment ready.  Because other entrepreneurs are going to be there too, working on their businesses. Because I want to take care of my health. Because I want to learn new skills, have new experiences, make new friends and meet new role models.

I love my life, work and friends in London, but it’s great to be able to spend weekends playing on deserted sandy beaches. One of my favourite hobbies.

And here’s a little video update from me:

More and more of us are living and working in this way. It’s inspiring to see a community of people building their ideal lifestyle. Whether that’s being a location independent digital nomad, or simply setting up a life and raising a family in a peaceful community.

Tribe Wanted

I’m part of this ecosystem. I use the tools that support this lifestyle. For community and business support, I’m really enjoying being part of Tribe Wanted Bali. A collective of digital nomads all working on our businesses and startups together between January and March here in Ubud.

Ben Keene, founder of Tribe Wanted and our “tribe leader” goes above and beyond the call of duty to support his tribe on their startup journey.  Great new friends with common values and a shared vision. What an inspiring group! It continues to be a worthwhile experience, and I believe we’ll see more and more of these kinds of startup support programmes. And I should know. I design them.


As for infrastructure, we’re spending a lot of time at our local coworking space and entrepreneurs community, Hubud. So if the regular Tribe meetings and team support weren’t enough, we have super fast internet, healthy food, and workshops too.

Check out this great and very new TED talk from one of the co-founders.  “How to put more life in your work”.  If you’ve ever thought that the life you expected versus the life you are experiencing might be different, this is definitely the TED talk for you.


And this is Bali, so healthly living is important. I did 100 laps in the pool before breakfast. When would I do that in London? I never have. And yoga. So much yoga. The Yogabarn complex is beautiful. I spent a week here on a seven day juice fast and detox, but that’s a story for next time.

Want to know more? Do leave any questions or comments below. I love to hear from you!

How to Relax in the City – Urban Yoga with Tammy Jones

City life can be pretty stressful sometimes. Rushing between meetings, adding things to your never-ending to do list, checking your emails and Facebook every minute. You know it doesn’t have to be like this, but how do you take time out to relax, reflect and get some exercise?  To do those important things that keep you healthy and happy?

Well you don’t need to quit your job and go to Brazil to have a nice time. That helps, but it’s not the only answer.  You can take time out in your city too.  For me that meant spending a wonderful Sunday upside down and on my head with yoga instructor Tammy Jones.

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Leaving the predictable – From Sleep Cycle to Cantagalo

I’m not sure why I decided to use my Sleep Cycle App – it’s supposed to wake you up in the lightest moments of your sleep, after a long restful night, and it seems to work pretty well.  It measures your movement.  When it thinks your moving the most during a set wake up period, it gently brings you back into the conscious world with the sound of harps, or what ever you want.  I have mine set on harps.

Only, it’s not so practical when you go to bed at 12pm, and have to be up at 3am for your taxi to the airport.  But for some reason, I still decided to use it.  Not only did I decide to shorten the last part of my sleep by 30 minutes, but I also decided it would be a good idea to listen to a wonderfully relaxing 30 minute Yoga Nidra session , once I’d turned out the lights.

Side note – I love Yoga Nidra.  It’s four times as cool as regular sleep, and four times as relaxing.  You should definitely try it some time.  It will relax you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and- top yogi secret – give you two hours worth of sleep in 30 minutes.

If I add an imaginary 2 hours of yoga nidra sleep, to the other 2 hours, that’s a well rounded 4 hours.  I’m not complaining.  I’m excited.  My check-in was smooth, my flights all on time, and super lucky, had a spare seat next to me on my Iberia flight from Madrid to Sao Paulo.

As you might have imagined – I wrote this in the air.  Isn’t technology wonderful! Perhaps that’s the subject of another blog post.

But for now, if this has been posted, it means I’ve landed in Brazil, found the internet, and gotten started on the adventure!

Tomorrow I have a tour of the Cantagalo Favela, to visit social projects.   I’ll update at the next opportunity.