I’m not a Good Budget Traveller

Sitting on the bus, I watch my fellow travellers eat sandwiches they made from the leftovers of breakfast. I conclude that I am not a good budget traveller.

I’ve just handed over about £10 to scoff down a tasty buffet, at the scheduled tourist food stop on my bus ride to the pantanal.  I certainly paid for that convenience.

It’s the older German couple, Udo and Gisela, that are laughing now. They appear to have spent their entire lunch savings on cold beer for the rest of the journey (about 8 cans).

I console myself and hope my expensive plate of fruit and vegetables for lunch will do more for my travel health than the beer.

As the air conditioned coach stops, and we change to an open air pick up truck, we attacked by hordes of hungry mosquitoes – it’s like nothing I have ever experienced!  That’s what I get for coming to the wetlands, in the wet season, after a rainy day.

Quick, let’s go! Fast!  They can’t keep up when we’re moving!

I grab my natural neem repellent, courtesy of Preserva Mundi, and share it with the Germans.  The mosquitoes back off a bit, and I am rewarded with a beer from Udo. Now I’m on the beer bus too.