How to Relax in the City – Urban Yoga with Tammy Jones

City life can be pretty stressful sometimes. Rushing between meetings, adding things to your never-ending to do list, checking your emails and Facebook every minute. You know it doesn’t have to be like this, but how do you take time out to relax, reflect and get some exercise?  To do those important things that keep you healthy and happy?

Well you don’t need to quit your job and go to Brazil to have a nice time. That helps, but it’s not the only answer.  You can take time out in your city too.  For me that meant spending a wonderful Sunday upside down and on my head with yoga instructor Tammy Jones.

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Inspiring Adventures


My name is Richard Brownsdon, and I organise inspiring adventures.  


I bring people together who are interested in things like social enterprise, giving back, personal development, freedom, health and having a whole load of fun. Together we explore, discover and be inspired through the adventures that we create. 


For me, I love to see people follow their passions and interests, especially when they are related to socially beneficial projects. 


I’ve lived and worked all around the world, and I currently split my time between London and the Isle of Man.