How to inspire young people for 30 years

It turns out I might have been inspired to start this blog more than 20 years ago, and this story goes back even further than that.

This summer, I spent time on deserted beaches, lush hillsides, and walking in an unusual way up a beautiful glen in the Isle of Man.

And it’s not just me that thinks it’s special.

Biosphere Vannin

I was happy to learn that the Isle of Man is preparing to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

No, this doesn’t mean it’ll have a huge dome placed over the top of it, and the government will preserve it as it is for the next 100 years.

It means that the Island has a balanced and diverse mix of ecosystem and population, and that it’s worth well managing that mix.

Biosphere reserves are places where nature can flourish and the local economy can grow. I’m looking forward to seeing this project develop, especially as it will almost certainly help outdoor adventure and education organisations like the Venture Centre.

For more details and videos, go to the brand new Isle of Man Biosphere Vannin website.

The Venture Centre

About the same time as I was becoming a 13-year-old social investor, I visited the Venture Centre with school friends. Continue reading

Join the Award Winning Impact Hub Crawl this month and #SparkSomeGood

I want to help you get started in Good Business. In work that makes the world better.

And if you’ve already started in good business, I want to support you to learn from your friends and peers. Some call this peer-to-peer learning. But this is Inspiring Adventures, and we call it beer-to-beer learning*!

And so, on Friday June 27th, you can:

Join the Impact Hub Crawl – The CoWorking, CoWalking, Social Adventure!


I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been given the social enterprise Spark Award by a fantastic organisation called UnLtd. It’s their mission to support social entrepreneurs too.

UnLtd Award Winner

Continue reading

A diverse, multicultural walking tour around East London – my recommended route

I was recently asked by non-profit UK-Japan Learning Net to guide a group of Japanese students around East London, and give them a flavour of  our multicultural city.

I want to share with you the route we took, because it’s one of my favourite walks around London, and I hope that you get the chance to experience it too.

London – Multicultural and Diverse 

Why talk this journey? Because you can walk from the biggest banks to the smallest market stalls in 10 minutes.  You can see how London changes from smart suits to street art as you cross the street. You can meet trendy London hipsters and market stall owners from Pakistan.   Here’s the route on Google Maps

The Route: Continue reading

Leaving the predictable – From Sleep Cycle to Cantagalo

I’m not sure why I decided to use my Sleep Cycle App – it’s supposed to wake you up in the lightest moments of your sleep, after a long restful night, and it seems to work pretty well.  It measures your movement.  When it thinks your moving the most during a set wake up period, it gently brings you back into the conscious world with the sound of harps, or what ever you want.  I have mine set on harps.

Only, it’s not so practical when you go to bed at 12pm, and have to be up at 3am for your taxi to the airport.  But for some reason, I still decided to use it.  Not only did I decide to shorten the last part of my sleep by 30 minutes, but I also decided it would be a good idea to listen to a wonderfully relaxing 30 minute Yoga Nidra session , once I’d turned out the lights.

Side note – I love Yoga Nidra.  It’s four times as cool as regular sleep, and four times as relaxing.  You should definitely try it some time.  It will relax you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and- top yogi secret – give you two hours worth of sleep in 30 minutes.

If I add an imaginary 2 hours of yoga nidra sleep, to the other 2 hours, that’s a well rounded 4 hours.  I’m not complaining.  I’m excited.  My check-in was smooth, my flights all on time, and super lucky, had a spare seat next to me on my Iberia flight from Madrid to Sao Paulo.

As you might have imagined – I wrote this in the air.  Isn’t technology wonderful! Perhaps that’s the subject of another blog post.

But for now, if this has been posted, it means I’ve landed in Brazil, found the internet, and gotten started on the adventure!

Tomorrow I have a tour of the Cantagalo Favela, to visit social projects.   I’ll update at the next opportunity.

Join the first Inspiring Adventure to Brazil in October 2012!

I’m gathering people who are interested in joining inspiring adventures.  I will organise these adventures for us, and we will all be part of creating the adventure, and the inspiration.  


The first inspiring adventure is planned for Brazil in October 2012.  If you’d like to join this trip, be involved in it’s creation, or find out more information, sign up to the newsletter list now.  All the detailed information, booking instructions and latest information will run through that.  


The plan, which is subject to change based on subscriber suggestions, is:


Two nights in the amazingly positive and energetic Rio De Janeiro visiting the sights, the beaches and inspiring social enterprises like Fight for Peace


Two nights in the vibrant Sao Paulo, visiting places like the Hub Sao Paulo, a community of social entrepreneurs, and perhaps meeting the curator of the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art 


Two nights visiting the incredible Iguassu Falls on the border with Argentina, and visiting one of the biggest bird parks in Brazil, run with social and ethical values. 


And for those of you truly interested taking a crash course in social enterprise, tickets are now available for the Social Enterprise World Forum taking place on the 16-18th of October 2012 in Rio.


This, along with each others company, conversation and stimulation, will provide the perfect situation for inspiration and adventure.