Video from Campus Brasil, welcoming the adventurers


A quick message from Inspiring Adventures partner in Brazil.  Rest assured, together we will give you an excellent Inspiring Adventure! 

Marina was a little worried that it wasn’t sunny enough in Sao Paulo right now for the video, but even in the middle of the Brazilian winter, it’s still 23C!

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So what is a social enterprise anyway?

What is social enterprise? What do social entrepreneurs do? Why is it important? 

I get asked this quite a lot, so here is my short answer – it’s about organisations that deliver a financial return and and have a benefit to society.  Now there’s a lot more to it than this, but I wanted to give an overview.  Does it make sense?  Any questions?

Ballet and Boxing in the Favelas: Visiting local communities

Those of you who have seen the award winning Brazilian film City of God, or even the more recent Elite Squad 1 and 2 might be curious about the realities of life in the poorest communities of Brazil’s largest cities.  Often referred to as slums, shanty towns or favelas, these growing communities are playing a large role in megacities around the world.

Of course as shown in the films, life in these communities can be tough and there is violence, but perhaps surprisingly, two thirds of these communities in Brazil have sanitation, and more than 90% have water, electricity and waste collection. 


(Photo by F. Antunes)

On the second day of the Brazil Inspiring Adventure, we plan to visit Brasilandia, a low income community in the north of São Paulo city.  We shall see with our own eyes what life is like, and visit some of the organisations making a difference, and improving their local community.

During the visit we will be able to visit to a community run organic garden, and find out about a conservation project for the forests in the surroundings areas. 

We’ll have the opportunity to buy some hand made recycled products designed by a ladies’ cooperative, visit the poorest areas, see the street art, meet some of the inhabitants, learn folkloric songs and dances and discuss the changes that the community is going through and how they are helping each other to improve their lives.

Professor Graziella, PhD. MBA. from the University of Sao Paulo, has offered to join us for the beginning of this trip into Brasilandia, and tell us about the projects she has encountered through out the years, setting the scene for understanding social enterprise and development in Brazil. Professor Grazilella is a social enterprise expert, and is the Deputy Coordinator of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Management in the Third Sector.

Finally, when we visit Rio, we’ll also visit one of the communities there, called Cantagalo.  You can see a video of Cantagalo on the BBC website here – you might be surprised to see the ballet and boxing classes. The video introduces us to the young entrepreneur who wants to change people’s perception of life in these communities.

As you can see, it may not be what you expect.


Thanks for coming!

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The Social Enterprise World Forum

For those of you really interested in social enterprise, why not join the Social Enterprise World Forum taking place on 16th – 18th of October in Rio De Janeiro, after completing the Brazil Inspiring Adventure with us.

This is the premiere global event focused on exclusively on social enterprise and on building global awareness of the effectiveness of social enterprise.  Conference tickets start from $800.