6 simple things that give you more energy right now!

Would you like to have unlimited energy every day?  Would it mean you’d exercise more? Play and travel more? Give more to your work? Use it to inspire, motivate and connect with more people?

Below is my list of top tips from some of the recent health and energy programmes I’ve been on, including the juice fast at YogaBarn in Bali. and Unleash The Power Within, (UPW). They are working for me, and they might just work for you too!

Why not pick one and give it a try? Or pick all seven and you’ll be on an unstoppable force of nature.

1. Move more!

The fastest way to change your energy is to move! Change your physical state. Act like you have energy, and you will feel it. Try it now. Stand up! Shake your body, put your hands in the air and jump a few times! You’ve been sitting down too long anyway. If you are feeling brave, shout “I FREAKIN ROCK” as loud as you can too! That will wake you up.

Your physiology has a profound impact on your psychology. You already know this, right?  Tony Robbins knows it too. That’s why he had us up, jumping, dancing and shouting regularly for 4 days during UPW.  Here’s my video of us at 9 Saturday morning. We look a little crazy don’t we, but we had energy!

2. Breathe more!

The yogis amongst you will have been practising this one for a while. They call it pranayama. It can be as simple as sitting still and breathing deeply into your stomach for a few breaths, to specific breathing patterns, regularly throughout the day.  My preferred pattern uses the ratio of 1:4:2. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 16, exhale for 8, repeated 10 times. (Listen to Tony describe the 4 in 4 out version here at 1:10:30)  Depending on the pattern you use, It’s an instant de-stressor and energiser!

3. Poop more!

Did you know this one?  This came high on the list from Cleanse with Andrea – the wonderfully full of energy leader of our cleanse in Bali. Once per meal, per day. 3 times a day! I know what you are thinking. That’s a lot. None of us newbie detoxers were three-times-a-day poopers. Something to aim for? And to help, you have to squat more! As in, squat style toilets, or resting your feet on a little stool in front of your toilet (no pun intended). Seriously!

4. Sleep more!

You know it but are you practising it? What gets measured gets managed, so track your sleep. I use the sleep cycle app. I’ve tracked 785 nights, and my average time in bed is 7:57. Everyone has different requirements, and you might find you need less sleep as you lead a healthier lifestyle.  If you use your computer at night, try f.lux to turn off the blue light and get your brain ready for sleep. Or just put the screen away and go to bed!

5. Drink more!

You know this one too. But are you actually doing it?! Lack of energy can definitely come from dehydration. Most people aren’t drinking enough! Aim for three litres a day. And are you drinking good quality water? The best would be from a natural spring. Find one close to you at findaspring.com. I’m not going to get into whether the water in your four cups of coffee counts towards your three litres. Let’s just say you won’t need to drink coffee for energy if you follow these tips.

6. Green more!

On our detox, we spent a lot of time learning about the acidity and alkalinity of food and drink. We tracked the pH of our saliva during the week. It’s not 100% accurate, but it gave us all an indication. I went from a slightly acidic pH of 6.6 to a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4 during the week. The summary is that for health and energy we want to aim to eat more alkaline foods and less acidic ones. What are examples of acidic foods? Meats, beer, coffee. And alkaline? Dark green vegetables. So eat more veg and skip all the processed food. Want to learn more?  Watch Forks over Knives and Food Matters.

Do you have any thoughts on these tips or other favourite tips for energy? Let me know in the comments. I love to read them!

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