Why detox and juice fast? Because you don’t want these little guys inside you

I’d never done a juice fast before.  I need to eat every three hours just to stay alive. 6 small meals a day, right? Seven days with no food? How am I going to do that? Why am I going to do that?

I don’t need to lose weight. I eat a normal healthy diet. What am I going to get out of it? And what is it going to get out of me? That was a big surprise.

The most fascinating part of a fast is not just the lack of what goes in one end, but sometimes it’s the observations of what comes out the other.

No-one enjoys enemas twice a day

As far as I know, no one enjoys self-administered enemas twice a day and full colonic irrigation treatments every other day.  If you do enjoy these things, then joining The YogaBarn juice fasting and detox program is definitely for you.

If you are like me and the majority of people, you won’t even like the thought of it.  So why put yourself through it?  One word: Parasites. One more word. Gross.

I’ve not had any health problems, and I had no reason to suspect I had any parasites living inside my intestines.

But these little suckers were in there alright, and we got ’em out!  We were also given special little packages of herbs. Some for general health, and some to kill the little parasitic blighters. Things like wormwood and cloves let them know who’s boss, and tell them they’re not welcome any more.

It’s not just about the colonics and enemas.  Those things just mean you get to see these little guys come out of you! I know. Double gross.

You can even take pictures as you go

And when I say little guys, you can still quite clearly see them, shooting through the poop tube on the colonic machine. Sometimes they are curly, sometimes flatter.  If your colonic hydrotherapist is good, they’ll even be able to “stop the flow” when they come out.  You can even take a photo (“No thanks”).

If you are brave, and you really like to know what’s coming out, you can have a basket that looks a bit like a sieve.  What are you going to do with that you ask? You know. You put it in the toilet bowl to catch what comes out.

After the first enema, and with no food, it will mostly be lovely brownish water passing through. But once in a while, you can catch your own little dead parasite. Or something else. All sorts of things are reported. From marbles and coins are eaten as children to little balls of heavy metals that the body finally has the chance to get rid of.

The experience is not for everyone

Sure, this experience isn’t for everyone. It’s not that nice. I can totally see this is not a normal everyday activity.  But how powerful is it to actually know what is inside your body, and what is coming out?

What’s in there, that you don’t want?  What can you do about it?  If you’ve eaten any kind of meat, ever, chances are you’ll have some parasites inside you too.

They might not be doing you much harm. Just eating up the nutrients from other foods that you eat, and stealing all your energy!

And the thought of it. Little parasites living in your guts right now. Makes you cringe.  Surely that alone is a good enough reason to consider fasting and herb detoxing.

If you do want to learn more about fasting and health, then you can join me, my friends, and an excellent team on a healthy living retreat in Romania this June 2015.  We hope to see you there!

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