How to inspire young people for 30 years – The Venture Centre

It turns out I might have been inspired to start this blog more than 20 years ago, and this story goes back even further than that.

This summer, I spent time on deserted beaches, lush hillsides, and walking in an unusual way up a beautiful glen in the Isle of Man.

And it’s not just me that thinks it’s special.

Biosphere Vannin

I was happy to learn that the Isle of Man is preparing to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

No, this doesn’t mean it’ll have a huge dome placed over the top of it, and the government will preserve it as it is for the next 100 years.

It means that the Island has a balanced and diverse mix of ecosystem and population, and that it’s worth well managing that mix.

Biosphere reserves are places where nature can flourish and the local economy can grow. I’m looking forward to seeing this project develop, especially as it will almost certainly help outdoor adventure and education organisations like the Venture Centre.

For more details and videos, go to the brand new Isle of Man Biosphere Vannin website.

The Venture Centre

About the same time as I was becoming a 13-year-old social investor, I visited the Venture Centre with school friends.

We climbed, abseiled, air-rifled, orienteered, kayaked and built rafts that fell apart and sank. We played in nature and loved it.

10 years later, I popped back into the Venture Centre to brush up my outdoor skills before joining my first overseas Inspiring Adventure.

This summer, another 10 years later, I walked up Ballaglass Glen with them, through the river for a bit of gorge walking. Not done that before! Certainly an unusual and recommended way to see this beautiful glen.

And what did I see on one of their vans? They’ve been Inspiring Adventures since 1982. The year I was born! Coincidence?

I guess I have a lot of work to do if I want to inspire as many young people as they have over the last 30 years. Keep inspiring adventures, Venture Centre.


Also, big thanks to new British adventure clothing brand Dewerstone, based in Dartmoor. They sent me some great outdoor wear for my adventurous time in the Isle of Man.

I loved the t-shirt for the hikes, and the sweatshirt was perfect for a blustery dog walk on the beach. Check out their cool sunglasses and shorts, while we still have the weather for them!

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