How to Start a Social Enterprise You Love

This post has my top three tips for starting something that matters. This is how I started, and it can work for you too.

1) Subscribe to blogs

No one likes unwanted spam. But newsletters and emails from interesting people have poked me into action more times than I can remember.  And it’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss the posts from people you like, and from people like you.

  • For business, I love to read the Four Hour Work Week blog by Tim Ferriss. It’s full of interesting posts on lifestyle design, health, new books and online business. I’ve learned a lot from his work. I like to read it with a social entrepreneurship lens. What would a social Tim Ferriss do?
  • For travel, I love This Battered Suitcase by Brenna Holeman. She writes wonderful stories of her adventures around the world, and also around my back garden here in East London.  I love it when she writes about causes she is passionate about, like Femme International, or questions irresponsible tourist practices like chumming for sharks.
  • For social impact, I always read The Impact Hub London Newsletter, and not just because I work here creating Hubcademy.  It’s great, and important, to hear about all the relevant, local events going on near you.  If you live in London, and you’re interested in making an impact with your life and work, join this list.

You can get all my blog posts in your email too – just enter details on the right at the top of the page. Never miss an Inspiring Adventures post!

I also have a newsletter, and I’d love to know what you’d like to read more about.  Answer my 17 second two question questionnaire, so that I can give you more of exactly what you want.

Thanks so much.

2) Write down ideas

I know some people worry they don’t have any ideas. Or that they don’t have that one killer idea yet. They’re waiting for the lightning strike of inspiration. Usually, it doesn’t happen like this. You get an idea by thinking about ideas, and by writing things down. That’s what I did.

Author of Screw Work Let’s Play, John Williams, helps people create businesses they love and specialises in the idea phase.  At the moment, he’s got a free “Killer Idea Crash Course” ebook.  It’s got some great tips and it can help you find an idea you’ll love to work on in 5 days.

He knows what he’s talking about. He’s been helping people create businesses they love for 10 years. I’m joining his 30 day challenge in June to polish up my own ideas. John really is good at what he does, and I can recommend his book and work.

3) Test them out

I love reading about successful entrepreneurs, and bloggers. I love to understand how they do it. I love to read the latest books on business, health, impact, and positive psychology. I still do these things.

I’ve just finished The Chimp Paradox, and To Sell Is Human and I’m halfway through The Purpose Economy – all highly recommended.

But until I started putting pen to paper, and indeed, putting a finger to small plastic square, I wasn’t getting any closer to starting something I loved.  

For me, it started with my first blog back in 2006. At the time, I lived in Japan. I started writing about life, what I was doing, and eventually what I was reading and learning.  You can still see most of it here at the “Rich Man’s World” blog.

I’ve turned it into a beautiful Inspiring Adventures eBook for iPadsClick if you’d like to be notified when it’s available. It’s updated and full of stunning, never seen, wacky, personal pictures and stories from Japan.

Looking back, I’m so happy to have been able to create something that might inspire other people to follow their passions, and start something they love too.

Question for you – How did you get started? Share your story in the comments.

Full disclosure – There are partnership links in some of the above. If you do click-through and for example make a purchase of a book I recommend, I may earn something like £0.03. I promise I’ll put it to good use.  I would still make all the same recommendations without partnership links.

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