Help promote ecotourism in Thailand

Are you a supporter of ecotourism, and responsible volunteer tourism?  Do you want to help protect and preserve marine national parks

I’ve been selected to help the Tourism Authority of Thailand promote these types of activities in Phuket, and I could really do with your help.

I’m working with a great team at Openmind Projects, and together with my Thai team mate Wimalin (Fha), we are trying to help them win $5000.  We’re doing many things, and focusing on the amazing work the Park Rangers are doing to protect and preserve the marine national parks.

Please help out this great organisation by following the steps below.

1. Visit our team blog –

2. Click on the stars at the bottom of our posts

3. Repeat and rate on all our posts! You can use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer

No email sign up is needed, it’s super quick and easy – Even one click would help.

Every rating is a “vote”, and we need all your votes to win!

Thank you so much


One thought on “Help promote ecotourism in Thailand

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