How to Win a Volunteer Ecotourism Trip to Thailand

Have you ever won a holiday? I’m slightly surprised, delighted and grateful to say that I have been selected to join a 20 day volunteer ecotourism project in Thailand.

Here are three tips to help you get selected and win your own Inspiring Adventure:

1. Be Connected

You have to hear about relevant competitions from somewhere.  Start a meet up  or a twitter account or a Facebook page around something you are passionate about.  Connect with other people who are interested in the same things.  Help these people find relevant, exciting, interesting opportunities, and they will help you too. I saw the competition on Facebook in April, entered it, and shared it on the Inspiring Adventures Facebook page and Twitter.  Did you see it?  Did you enter? What are you doing to build your own relevant connections?

2. Enter the competition

As Woody Allen says, “90% of success is just showing up”.  If you don’t enter because you don’t think you will win, you will never win.  Do you know how many other people entered?  Do you definitely know that someone else is going to win?  Sign up for the competition and try. You might just surprise yourself.

3. Already be doing it

If you want to win a holiday that involves encouraging people to learn about ecotourism, perhaps you should already be encouraging people to learn more about ecotourism!  It’s not an accident that I write about this kind of thing already.  I really am passionate about inspiring change through travel, and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.  What are you passionate about? What ever it is, start working on it now!

If you find this information useful, please do use the links at the bottom to share it.  Thanks, I really appreciate it!

More about the competition..

The Little Big Project” is a competition funded by the Tourism Association of Thailand, to inspire worldwide travellers to take volunteer and ecotourism holidays in Thailand.

It takes five international winners, and five local Thai winners, and pairs them up.  It then sends them to five different ecotourism activities all around Thailand to volunteer, and share the experience online.  The five teams compete to get the most votes of support for their volunteer organisation.

On June 20th, I found out that I had been selected, and on June 30th, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is flying me to Bangkok, and then to Phuket.  I’m very lucky to be working with a leading responsible volunteer and ecotourism operator called OpenMindProjects.

I’ll be sharing more stories, photos and videos from the experience with you on another site that is set up especially for the project. Please do come and have a look at my Little Big Project Blog here.

This is just the beginning…

I’ll be competing against five other teams and ecotourism projects around Thailand to get the most rating “votes” for my responsible travel and marine conservation team blog.  If we get the most votes, the project will win $5,000.

In full disclosure, if  my team-mate and I have the most successful campaign for our ecotourism project, we will also get $500 hotel vouchers. That is very nice, but it’s not my motivation for competing. As you know, I’m passionate about supporting and promoting people doing amazing work, and I want to encourage, and maybe even inspire you to get involved too. That’s just what I love to do!

Thanks for reading. Have you ever been a volunteer abroad?  How was the experience for you? Let me know in the comments.

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