How to Relax in the City – Urban Yoga with Tammy Jones

City life can be pretty stressful sometimes. Rushing between meetings, adding things to your never-ending to do list, checking your emails and Facebook every minute. You know it doesn’t have to be like this, but how do you take time out to relax, reflect and get some exercise?  To do those important things that keep you healthy and happy?

Well you don’t need to quit your job and go to Brazil to have a nice time. That helps, but it’s not the only answer.  You can take time out in your city too.  For me that meant spending a wonderful Sunday upside down and on my head with yoga instructor Tammy Jones.

Tammy herself has an interesting story. She started Tammys Yoga three years ago in Shoreditch, East London, kind of by accident.

She was working  at a job in the financial world, and practicing her yoga by her self in her spare time.  Even though she’d been doing her own practice since she was 14, the thought of being a yoga teacher had never entered her mind.  A chance encounter lead her to find out about a teacher training course, and pretty soon she was teaching everyone she could get her hands on.

I first came across Tammy at her regular yoga classes in Shoreditch. A great power vinyasa class on a Tuesday night. I love it. I also recently went to one of her “urban yoga workshops”. It’s the chance for a deeper practice, mediation, relaxation and a bunch of health food snacks and super smoothies.

The theme of this workshop was inversions.  If you love headstands and practicing hand stands, it’s the place for you, but it’s not just about that.  Over the snacks Tammy talked more about the philosophy of yoga, and more.

“Spending the day upside down gives you another way to look at the world.  It reminds us that reality is not just what we take in with our five senses. For example, our eyes only take in a small portion of the spectrum of light. What else aren’t we seeing, or sensing?   From quantum physics to epi-genetics, the latest scientific research is teaching us new lessons about the world we live in.”

With food in our minds and tummies, we settled down into final relaxation. I let myself be open to familiar yoga bliss that comes after Tammy’s class.

What else is going on with Tammy?  As well as classes and urban workshops, she’s running several yoga retreats in Europe.  Greece, Spain and France are all happening this summer. Check here for the dates and prices.

If you already know the benefits of yoga, or are interested in finding out more, I recommend a visit to Tammys Yoga, and hope to see you there!

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