Coworking in Brazil – Accelerators, Incubators, Hubs, and yes, they have pools

What does coworking look like in Brazil?  Is it trendy, colourful, work spaces?  Do they have pools?  Yes. Yes they do.  I work in a coworking space in London, and I’ve looked around a good few of the other coworking spaces we have here, and as far as I can tell, no pools.  This is why Brazil is a growing economy.  I have found the secret.

It’s not because more than 22 million people have been raised out of extreme poverty in the last 2 years (as the government claims), and it’s not because the World Cup and the Olympics are coming.  It’s because their colour coworking spaces have pools.

The coworking space

What better way to encourage the young and talented to apply for accelerator programs?  Sure, there’s the 16 month program of incubation, mentorship, grants, and investment rounds, but does that always get you out of bed in the morning? know what they are doing, and by the way, they are open to international applications.

OK, maybe I am exaggerating. It’s not all about the pools.

For example Hub Sao Paulo is a large, bright airy space that I spent a day working from. A place for the change makers and social entrepreneurs of Sao Paulo to work from.  I’m a member of Hub Westminster, and I’m often visiting the other Hubs of London on my Hub Crawl, so I know the Hub ethos quite well.  There are about 35 around the world, although the number is always growing.  Coworking in general is growing, and if you want to see how many spaces there are just in London, head over to for an idea.

I was welcomed in to Hub Sao Paulo for the day, and shown around by the lovely hosts.  I did have a small problem with a slow internet speed to start with, but because I’m such a sweet-talker, I was given access to the members high-speed  network. As it happens, I was actually staying with one of the Hub hosts through AirBnB, so double the Hub love for me in Sao Paulo.

Just so you know, if you are ever stuck for wifi in Sao Paulo, there’s a restaurant called Rock n Roll Burger in the Bela Vista neighbourhood that has blisteringly fast upload speeds. Pretty useful to know, as the Hub is closed on Sundays, but the restaurants are open!

At the Hub, I met with Pedro Vitoriano.  A recent masters graduate from Cambridge University, and now independent researcher at one of the top universities in Brazil, University of Sao Paulo, he is working and deeply studying the Social Enterprise sector in Brazil.  Pedro is working along side Professor Graziella Maria Comini, the leading figure in social enterprise education in Brazil.  What Pedro and I really talked about, was the learning journey that he is planning.

My Inspiring Adventure around Brazil introduces social entrepreneurs in each of the 5 regions of the country – Pedro and a colleague are aiming to visit social entrepreneurs in every single state in the country.  That is 27 states. Wish him luck!  That’s not quite something that Inspiring Adventures has the budget for…

If you read Portuguese, or use the google translate button, you can find out more about ProjectBrasil27 here.  I’m sure he will encounter some amazing organisation, and maybe even a few more coworking spaces with pools..

Pedro Vitoriano

Pedro and I tucking in to a typical Sao Paulo fried lunch

2 thoughts on “Coworking in Brazil – Accelerators, Incubators, Hubs, and yes, they have pools

  1. interesting article. I run in Central London, only a few minutes away from Chancery Lane station. It’s a amazing how many of these places are popping up globally. It goes to show that people have entrepreneurship drilled into their brains. Better than working from home or noisy cafe.

    • Yes, I know – popping up everywhere! I’m in London at the moment, and I’d love to come and see your space sometime. Also thinking about hosting a dinner for coworking people in London shortly. Perhaps you’d like to join?

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