Organic Farming Acai – Bio EcoBrazil

What do you get if you mix Nasa technology with organic farming? High quality acai, freeze dried and ready to ship around the world.

Bio EcoBrazil has been supplying certified organic and bio-dynamically farmed acai for years. However, they have recently started using the same technology that NASA invented to supply astronauts with food, to freeze dry their acai.

Acai is a berry that the Brazilians love.  You can find it almost everywhere in the country. As a drink, a kind of yogurt, smoothy, mixed with bananas, all sorts of ways! It has smooth energy properties, so it doesn’t give you the instant kick of a coffee, but a slower release of energy over time.  Brazilians will often have it for a dessert after lunch, or sometimes, as a complete meal all on it’s own.

The international market to this tasty berry is opening it up, but the berry pulp doesn’t have a long shelf-life.  It needs to be refrigerated. But with a freeze-dried berry, that problem doesn’t exist. Not only does it travel well, it’s farmed organically, certified to Brazilian “IBD” bio dynamic standards, and it’s soon to be fair trade too.  Really it already is, it just takes a while to get the documentation in place.

“The international market understands organic and fair trade, and they are willing to pay for it.  Until we started freeze drying acai, we couldn’t get it to them.  Now we can.”  CEO and Founder, Leonilda Fagundes

Leonilda and Max

CEO Leonilda Fagundes, founder of Bio EcoBrazil, and her business partner, Max Dufranck

When I spoke to them, I could see the entrepreneurial spirit in their eyes.  Driven and passionate, they are ready for international success.

Leonilda got started in organic farming more than 10 years ago, and with German investors.  Now running her own company, once again she is open to investment.

If you are interested to find out more, check the Bio EcoBrazil Website here.  And if you are tempted in being a distributor, I think they’d also like to hear from you too!

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