Salvador, North East of Brazil

I arrived in Salvador, to stay with another host found through AirBnB.  I was in a somewhat disconnected neighbourhood, but close to the airport, so at least the taxi was cheap. Knowing nothing about a city or an area before booking accommodation is one of the surest ways to have an adventure.

Gerald, my wonderful host, was very welcoming.  His house was large, and he spoke some English. I had a single bed, in what used to be his daughters room, judging by the My Little Pony type stickers on the cupboards.
I was planning on meeting a friend from London who was staying in a nearby neighbourhood for dinner, but she’d headed into the main town early.  As I’m discovering, organising meetings as well as travel logistics in new cities can be a bit unpredictable.

Not to worry though – Gerald had a plan B – He would take me to the last night of the carnival himself!  So we hopped on his motorbike and rode the 30 mins to the centre of the Old Town!

I’m very fortunate that I got to see and experience a slightly more traditional carnival in the North of Brazil, as well as in Rio.  As well as the marching drumming bands, there was a much stronger African culture and costume, as opposed to the heavily designed plastic costumes of Rio.

Of course, there were also the trucks blasting out live music, played on top by some of Brazil’s most popular bands.  I heard that FatboySilm and GangNam Style were playing in Salvador during this Carnival, although I wasn’t in the right place to see either of them this night.  Instead, I had an excellent time with Gerald, and his cousin, and a fun motorbike ride each way.  Thanks Gerald, and thanks AirBnB!

Gerald - My AirBnB Host

Gerald – My AirBnB Host

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