Interview with Sitawi – Finance for Good

Hello and welcome to an Inspiring Adventures Interview!

Last year, I met Leonardo Letelier, the founder of Sitawi – Finance for Good.

Sitawi is the first social finance fund in Brazil, and has loaned out more than $1m and helped over 20,000 people.  

It also has a true story of entrepreneurialism behind it, with Leonardo leading his own money for the first loans Sitawi made.

Recently in London I was lucky enough to catch up with Rob Packer, a fund manager in the small Sitawi team, and find out how they are getting on now. 

In the audio link below, you can hear what Sitawi is doing now, some examples of the people they have helped, it’s plans for the future, and what the name means too! 


(I know some of the audio is a little quiet, a new mic is coming for future interview)

If you’d like to learn more, check out the Sitawi website. You can even be part of helping them change lives by supporting them on their Global Giving page.  

Like this? Here’s more: My original blog post about Leonardo Letelier and Sitawi, and a great overview by Leonardo on the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Below – Some of the children at a community centre Sitawi helped to fund, and a photo of the health vehicle that Rob talks about in the video above.




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