It’s Alive! Thanks for your support so far!

I’m very happy to see the first sponsors start to come though for my crowdfunding campaign this month – Thank you Michael, Taichi and Juan!

Not only donations, but also other help.  For example. Be Inspired Films have kindly offered to sponsor my training in video production, for the Inspiring Adventures Brazil – Thank you Ravi!

Something about us inspiring people sticking together.  Or maybe they just don’t want to have to watch my shaky videos any more.

Check out their excellent work here

You can even see me in their video below, which Be Inspired filmed, edited and presented on site last year at Oxford Jam. I’m 40 seconds in, banging the gong to get it all started!

OxfordJam 2012 from Be Inspired Films on Vimeo.

Other wonderful people, like Paul Minett, a design and content specialist who works with the Big Issue, has offered to spend some time with me working on my messaging and impact.  See you next week Paul! 

Of course a big thank you to my other friends who’ve been sharing and liking the page on Facebook, or tweeting the links – it all helps.

And you are still invited to join me on any part of the Inspiring Adventure!  You can see my full and updated itinerary here on the Google doc. It’s a work in progress, and is open to your suggestions – let me know where we can meet!

As one of my Brazilian friends who works at Ashoka kindly pointed out, the social enterprise I wanted to visit in Recife was, in fact, not close to Salvador, unless you consider England as close to Italy.  Thanks Clarice, I will have to carefully plan logistics to be able to reach social enterprises in all 5 regions in 5 weeks.

Let a comment or send me an email if you want to get involved, and do have another look at my crowdfunding page, and give it a tweet, a share or a donation – updates are coming! 


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