The Alt Travel Party

Welcome Alternative Travellers!

There are better ways to travel.

Join the Alt Travel Collective for The Alt Travel Party to enjoy the company of people who love adventurous, inspiring, fun, sustainable, and/or socially beneficial ways of travelling around our amazing planet.

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Party Location – Hub Kings Cross

HubKX is where change goes to work. A community for social entrepreneurs, and a cool co-working environment and space. It has a great bar fully stocked with ethical snacks, organic beers, ales, wines and soft drinks. Please register above as places are limited.

Party Theme – Flip Flops.

Bring a flip flop related item. Wear a flip flop. Hold a Sandal. Show your thong. Use your imagination!

7pm Rock up

10pm Rock out

Afterparty location TBC

Party Hosts

Felipe Zalamea – Sumak Travel

Sumak Travel or “good, sustainable travel”, is a social enterprise that sells eco-tourism trips to Latin America. Its mission is to contribute to the empowerment of local communities by running an ethical business that is also rewarding for responsible tourists. Sumak Travel works directly with community-based tour operators in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Profits are invested into community-led, productive projects in Latin America (see more info in the website).

Ed Hewitt – Dromomaniacs

A ‘Dromomaniac’ is defined as someone with ‘an insatiable urge to travel’. Dromomaniacs is a new, independent society for those with that ‘insatiable urge’ to share, inspire and meet other like minded people with incredible experiences around the globe.

Richard Brownsdon – Inspiring Adventures

Inspiring Adventures is a social enterprise that co-creates and runs trips and events that inspire and stimulate. They introduce and connect participants with each other, and with social entrepreneurs and innovators doing inspiring things in amazing locations in London and Internationally.

And a very special mention to our very own Happiness Architect – Taichi Fujimoto

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